A Day in Downtown Charlotte

Even though I live right outside of Charlotte city limits, and I work in Charlotte every day, I rarely take the time to go downtown to see what is going on.  So, on my day off, I decided to take my girls and, one of their friends, to ride the LYNX train and hang out downtown.

Since I am a photo hobbyist, of course I took plenty of pictures.  I also took this opportunity to use my new polarizing filter.  I was pretty pleased with the results.  The colors were a lot richer and not washed out due to the bright sunlight.

All of the pictures were taken at various spots along Tryon Street.

When I looked at this picture, and the buildings in it, I thought I’d covert it to black and white to give it that old vintage look since these are some of the older buildings in the city.

I started not to take this photo because the positioning of the sun behind the building, but I took a change with it and I am pretty pleased with my results.  I metered for the light to the top right of the building.  I love the natural lens flare came through and trickles down to the bottom right of the photo.

This is a brick statue of children climbing on a book. I should have taken a picture of the front of this statue too so you could get the full effect.

I look forward to going back downtown and taking more pictures.  I really would like to get some great shots of the Charlotte skyline.


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