First Day of High School

Well, my baby is off to high school.  I wish I could be there with her to make sure she gets to all of her classes, but being a stinky teenager, I don’t think she would appreciate that. I can’t wait until she gets home so I can hear all about her first day.

Wait for Me!!!!

Today’s picture is of Sydney running to me in the backyard.  I was going to water my “garden” and she was running to catch up with me.  I love the vintage look and haven’t used it in a while so I thought I’d use it with this photo.  The picture is not as sharp as I would like it because my shutter speed was too slow and she was running, but I love this picture because I love to see her run.  She has this funny little bounce to her run.  I also love how the vintage conversion turned out.  This picture looks like it’s from the 1930’s.

I Have Veggies in My Garden!!

I don’t have much of a green thumb, but that doesn’t keep me from trying to grow plants and veggies.  I haven’t had much of a harvest, (besides the yellow tomatoes, a few regular red tomatoes, 3 banana peppers and one red bell pepper)  and I didn’t think I would have any other vegetables grow this summer.  I was so excited to see that I finally have green bell peppers and cucumbers.  So my pictures for today are….my new veggies!!!!!

My Happy Teenager

Teenagers, especially girls, usually are upset about something all of the time.  I love it when my teenager is actually doing what I asked, when I asked, and is in a good mood about it.  She usually want something on the back-end but that’s ok.  I caught this pictures of my teenage girl being silly the other day.  So this is my picture a day shot:

First Day of School

My middle child started school last Wednesday.  Of course I took pictures, however I just had a bad week last week.  I wasn’t feeling well and was very tired so I tried to rest and did not get any pictures posted.  Ok enough of the excuses.  Here are some a couple of pictures from my baby’s first day of school last week.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I haven’t been feeling my best lately so I haven’t taken the time to get anything posted in the last 3 days.  I don’t want get into a rut, so I decided to get it together and post some pictures from the Charlotte Knights ballgame we went to yesterday.

Our Seashells

On the last day of our beach trip, I took Ashleigh and Sydney out to find seashells.  I promised that we would do a craft project with the seashells.  Well, I haven’t made good on my promise yet, but I did get some good ideas from Ashleigh today.

Discussing our project today helped me decide what today’s  picture a day challenge picture would be, and here it is…