Vintage Flea Market Finds

My Dear Hubby went to the flea market one morning and found this great vintage video camera for me.  I was sooo surprised and sooo happy.  He got it for only 5 bucks.  Its a Sankyo Super CM 600.  Looks like this model was made around  1969-70.  It came with the original case, guarantee papers, and an instruction manual.  It has tape in it.  Maybe one day I’ll learn how to use it, but for now, I’m just happy to have it in my collection…which is not much of one, but its a start.



A Meal Fit for a Queen

My little girl came to me one day and said, mommy I fixed you some food.  It was a meal fit for a Queen!!  It was sooo cute.  She made me corn dogs, french fries, spicy chicken, regular chicken, ketchup, a crabby patty lol and a cup of  water all out of play dough.  I love to see what she comes up with and I love to see her use her imagination.

Here’s my meal and it was yummy 😉

Summer Fun

It really doesn’t take much for children to have fun.  My girls put on their bathing suits pulled out the water hose and had the grandest time.  I love these pictures.  They really captured he fun my girls had that day.


First Veggies of the Season

Well….Last year I tried my hand at gardening.  I did ok, kind of.  So this year I had my DH make a raised bed for me and planted several tomato plants, cucumbers, squash, zucchini squash, cantaloupe, carrots, collard greens, red cabbage, regular cabbage, okra….yea….a little over board.  However I am excited to see the first tomatoes of the season.  Stay tuned to see how my garden does this year.