On Sunday, fell and got a nasty boo-boo on her chin.  After we cleaned it up and looked at it pretty good, we decided to take her to urgent care.  I was thinking that she would need to have a few stitches, but she didn’t.  They used Dermabond instead.  It is a special kind of glue that is used instead of stitches on smaller cuts.  It only takes minutes to apply and then you are gone.

So here are a couple of images of my sweetie and her boo boo:

My Little Garden Update

I am really proud with my garden so far this year.  We have harvested several cucumbers and so far 4 tomatoes.  I am so tickled to see my cantaloupe growing and I’ll be able to harvest my first cantaloupe soon.  The water melon plants are really growing too.  I had a couple of carrot plants but I pulled them.  I didn’t feel like they were getting enough sun with everything else growing around them.  I saw a man on youtube.com and he mentioned that he planted his in August and harvested them in October, so maybe there is still hope for me.  I have more seeds and I’ll try again in a few weeks.  Since we live in such a warm climate, I may be able to wait until November to harvest them.  Here are some of the latest pictures of my garden and I had to include a picture of one of my neighbor’s dog’s.  I call him Butch because he looks like a dog my daddy had when I was a very little girl name Butch.  Butch comes out to either greet me or bark at me just about every day.