My Little Garden Update

I am really proud with my garden so far this year.  We have harvested several cucumbers and so far 4 tomatoes.  I am so tickled to see my cantaloupe growing and I’ll be able to harvest my first cantaloupe soon.  The water melon plants are really growing too.  I had a couple of carrot plants but I pulled them.  I didn’t feel like they were getting enough sun with everything else growing around them.  I saw a man on and he mentioned that he planted his in August and harvested them in October, so maybe there is still hope for me.  I have more seeds and I’ll try again in a few weeks.  Since we live in such a warm climate, I may be able to wait until November to harvest them.  Here are some of the latest pictures of my garden and I had to include a picture of one of my neighbor’s dog’s.  I call him Butch because he looks like a dog my daddy had when I was a very little girl name Butch.  Butch comes out to either greet me or bark at me just about every day.


3 thoughts on “My Little Garden Update

  1. Hint: After your first light frost, cover carrots with 2 or 3 inches of mulch and harvest carrots well into winter or maybe even early spring. Carrots will get sweeter after being exposed to cold weather as long as your garden soil does not freeze solid.

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