Just Working

Our pediatrician told us about starfall.com. It is a great site to teach little ones to read with phonics and my little one loves it.  She say’s she’s doing her work.  She really had not computer skill, wasn’t very good with the mouse.  Her first time on the site was Tuesday and she was on there again today.  She’s a pro now.  lol  Look how serious she is.

One Last Beach Trip Post

Here are just a few more from our beach trip this year.  We really had a good time and we are looking forward to going back next year.



I love this picture of my girls together:



On the Road Again

So here is another picture from our beach trip.  I was going for a vintage look again with this picture.  It looks ok…… I really like how the Capri Sun box looks in this image.  We really had the truck jam pack.


Vintage Summber Beach Fun

I haven’t posted any pictures from our beach trip and its long over due.  So my goal is to post one every day over the next few days.  I read a tutorial on Love that Shot(http://lovethatshot.com/) on the summer vintage look so I thought I’d try it on the first beach photo that I will post….Here goes: