The Way I View – Sweetness and Love

Sweetness and Love….

I have a sweet tooth and I LOVE candy especially sour candy.  So when I saw our theme for this month I thought it was a great excuse for me to visit our new neighborhood candy store.  This is a cute little store in Indian Trail.  They have all kinds of candies there and they sell baked goods too.  You can even have birthday parties there so I’ll need to keep that in mind for the future.  So here are my pictures for this months theme:

Sweetness and Love

Don’t forget to go check out Lisa J’s blog to see how she views sweetness and love this month.   See you next time.


8 thoughts on “The Way I View – Sweetness and Love

  1. I love taking photos in a candy store and it looks like you found a great one here! All the colors, jars, bins, etc. filled up with the candy makes for fantastic photos! I bet your sweet daughter didn’t mind having her picture taken here at all! Nice job on getting the different shots that tell your story of a visit to the candy store.

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