The Way I View – Friendship

Whew, it is hard to believe how fast the this year is going.  It is time for another The Way I View post.  Every month I participate with group of ladies from Clickin Moms in a monthly challenge.  It has been very fun seeing everyone’s interpretation of the monthly themes.

This month’s theme is friendship.  Of course when I think of friendship I think of my friends, Sonya, Angie, Melinda, Tonketa, Monica, Sharon, Felicia, Tamika B, Tamika M, my girl Nicole, Toya, Deborah, Sheila…just to name a few.  They are awesome friends.  With our busy schedules we don’t talk everyday and see each other even less, but no matter what we will always be friends.  Tonketa and I have been friends for about 23 years.  That’s a long time.  The only other friend I’ve had longer is my hubby.  Lifelong friendships are rare and wonderful.

I hope that my daughters will also develop lifelong friendships.

Here are a few images of my girls and their friends.

Please head over to my friend Lisa Deering’s blog to see how she view’s friendship this month.

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