The Way I View – Halloween

I’ve joined a group of very talented ladies from, the Clickin Moms forum, in a monthly challenge call the The Way I View ____.  Each month we post a few pictures on the way we view different themes.  I miss last month’s theme, but if you would like to see September’s theme, click here.   You can also view other the rest of the months by clicking on the The Way I View___. link under the categories menu on the right sidebar of this page.

As the title suggests this months theme is Halloween.   We have a good time during the month of October.  We have been hosting a costume party every year since 2008.  We didn’t make it to a big pumpkin patch so we went to our local produce stand right behind the Rock Store in Indian Trail.  As you will see in the pictures below, it really didn’t make a difference to the girls.  They still had a great time.  They also had a blast trick or treating on Halloween. Their cousin, little Mr. Police Officer, came along with us.  I think they had more fun giving out candy than going trick or treating.

After you check out the pictures below, but sure to check out my friend Jen Snyder’s blog to see how she views Halloween.  Thanks and come back soon.


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