My Winter Wonderland

It finally snowed in the Charlotte area yesterday.  I’m glad I went out to take some pictures because the snow is all gone today. I only wish my girls were home so they could have played in it while it was here.

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2013 CM Monthly Challenge – Close Up Portaiture

Last year I joined a group of ladies from ClickinMoms in a photography blog circle monthly challenge.  This year, that challenge continues with new topics every month that will push some of us (especially me) outside of our comfort zone.  This supports my goal this year is to become a better photographer.

This month we start with close up portraiture.  I so wish I had a macro lens for this challenge, but I don’t so I used my Canon 50mm and my Tamron 28-75mm to capture my daughter looking at her Kindle fire and preparing to go outside during the cold snap we last weekend.

Thanks for visiting this month.  Please keep the circle going and head over to Rachel’s blog.  Don’t forget to come back next month as we take on food photography.