Lisas 365 Project 23/365 – Crazy Hair Day

It was crazy hair day at my girl’s school yesterday.  My little one had taken all of her accessories out by the end of the school day.  I made sure I picked them up early so I could get a picture of them and their friend.

Lisa’s 365 Project 22/365 – Water Drops

Here is just a simple picture of water drops on the windshield.  Instead of using the correct white balance, I changed it in post processing to be cooler and ran one of the Flora Bella actions over it.  I like the way it turned out.  I’m wondering how the drops would have looked if I had a macro lens.  In this shot I used my Tamron 28-75mm lens.  My setting sere f/5.6 SS 1/400 ISO 200.

Lisa’s 365 Project 21/365 – Out the window

Yesterday’s prompt from Capture Your 365 was silhouette.  I tried my hand at one the other week(see here).  It is something that I need more practice at but I enjoy trying.

The window in our bedroom seems to be a favorite spot for our youngest daughter.  The sun was getting pretty low in the sky so I thought I would try a silhouette of her while she was hanging out.

If you’d like, check out my post from 3 years ago.  Same sweet little girl, same window.  She’s just a little taller now.

Lisa’s 365 Project 20/365 – Flowers and Complementary Colors

Just 20 days ago, when I decided to start a 365 blog project, I searched the web for ideas to get me started.  I found a wonderful website called CaptureYour365 that is dedicated to photography and inspiring people to start and continue their own 365 project.  In their own words “CaptureYour365 is a community for ideas, support and inspiration for your everyday photography”.  On the website you can sign up to receive daily inspiration.  Yesterday’s inspirational prompt was Photography Color.  The post also talked about complementary colors.  I decided to give my family a break and use the prompt. I found a nice patch of purple and yellow flowers in the beginning of my neighborhood. I sure wish I had a macro lens.

Lisa’s 365 Project 19/365 – Where are you spring?

What’s going on with Sprint this year? Yesterday’s forecast for my area was somewhere in the 50s.  Today about the same. I’m not ready for hot weather, but I’m ready the nice warm comfortable weather of spring.  Not cold rainy days, hats and heavy coats.

Lisa’s 365 Project 18/365 – Talent Show

My two youngest daughters are always up to something.  Last night they were having a talent show.  Presenting the Incredible Rolling Toy Box and Shadow Girl!!!!

Lisa’s 365 Project 17/365 – Benefit Concert & Bowling

The praise team at our church was invited to sing at the benefit concert for Adventist Christian Academy.  My husband sings on the praise team and I decided to record their performance.  Below is one of the pictures I took during the recording.  I had hoped to have the video uploaded by now but it is taking a really long time.

After the performance we went bowling with some friends.  I had a really hard time with capturing pictures.  The lighting was very dim in the bowling area.  I was really surprised that my Canon 50mm 1.8 and  28mm 1.8 both had a really hard time focusing.  My Tamron 28-75 2.8 was able to focus a little better but I didn’t like the pictures with my Tamron so I used manual focus with my Canon 50mm.  I didn’t have many good pictures from bowling but I was at least able to capture one that was “good enough”.

My settings were f/1.8, shutter speed 1/100, ISO 6400.  I didn’t have my speed lite with me and even if I didn’t I wouldn’t have used it because I think it would have been too disturbing to the other people in the bowling alley.

Lisa’s 365 Project 16/365 – iPhone pics

While I was out today I realized that I would not be hope in time to select a picture and get it posted so I decided to do a few iPhone pictures.




20130323-173225.jpgThese are a few of my pictures from my Instagram account.

Lisa’s 365 Project 15/365 – Hula Hoop Girl

I love these pictures.  She worked hard to learn how to hula hoop!!! I love looking at the placement of her little hands.  She’s growing up so fast, but as I look at these pictures it reminds me of how little she still is.