Lisa’s Project 365 1/365

I read someone’s blog post the other day and they mentioned how thankful they were to have started and completed their 365 project. They were most grateful for being able to have a flashback of everyday of life over the past year. Reading that comment helped me to make a decision to stop procrastinating and start my own 365 project. I’ve said I would do this year after year but just never did. Now I’m starting today. I know it’s not the first of the year, the month, and not even the first of the week, but I figured there is no time like the present.

Why am I doing this? 1) I always said I would. 2) To capture memories of my children.  3)To help me create the habit of using my camera every day. 4) To become a better photographer.

With 3 girls, a hubby and a puppy soon (if the girls have their way), I’m pretty busy. So my plan is to take a picture and post it the next day. Since I currently shoot RAW exclusively, this should take the pressure off of getting the pictures taken, edited and posted in the same day. If I’m in a pinch, my backup plan is to use my camera phone. I’m not planning to do a lot of journaling , just a sentence or two…if that much and my goal is at least 1 picture a day.

So my first post starts with my two youngest girls. They are soooo funny. They came downstairs and said “Mommy we have your best high heels.” Not sure why they thought these were the best but it was too cute nonetheless. Then they decided to rock it out.

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