Lisa’s 365 Project 54/365 – Reading Time

It was reading time but she was ready to go outside with her friends.

Lisaps 365 Project – 53/365 – Little feet

My little one is always in my closet and playing with my shoes.  She is my little Diva and my middle one is the designer.  They are always playing dress up and it is so cute.

Lisaps 365 Project – 52/365 – My litte one

I know everyone thinks their children are sweet, precious, and the most wonderful kids in the world.  I’m not exception.  She’s so cute and funny and as sweet as pie.

Lisa’s Project 365 – 51/365 – Track and Field Day

We went out to Charlotte Country Day School today to watch my oldest daughter run.  Here are a few pictures from the meet.



Lisa’s 365 Project – 50/365 – Just Chillin

When I saw my daughter chillin out in the driveway (chillin out…wow I’m dating myself) I ran and got my camera to take her picture.

Lisa’s 365 Project 49/365 – Freshly Sqeezed

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and tonight was no exception.  My little one wanted a grapefruit and then decided she would squeeze out all of the juice instead of eating it.

Lisa’s 365 Project 47/365 – Kid in a Cady Store

Not really a candy store, but to her it is just as good.  We were in an art store in Matthews NC called Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff.  It is a really neat art supply store with all kinds of paints, brushes, canvases….everything that a budding artist loves.

Lisa’s 365 Project 46/365 –

It is late and it has been a long day. I really did have much energy by the end of the day today to think about taking pictures but I’m committed to taking at list one picture a day and here is today’s picture….When all else fails, take pictures of the kid’s toys.

Lisa’s 365 Project 45/365 – Hot Chocolate

Today started out pretty cool.  It was 42 degrees this morning when we got up.  The girls went out to ride their bikes and came it to makes some hot chocolate milk.