Lisa’s 365 Project 85/365 – Another Sunset

As we were driving home this evening, I saw a beautiful sunset.  While I was at the stop light I took a picture with my phone and posted to instagram.  Then, at my oldest daughter’s delight….not….I pulled over into the parking lot and took a picture from my truck.  I think this one came out a lot better than the one I took last week.

Lisa’s 365 Project 84/365 – High School Musical

Not the best picture in the world, but when I saw the girls on the floor watching TV I had to take this picture.  I really needed a tripod but I was able to capture the moment and that was important.  The girls were all into the High School Musical show tonight.  They said this was the one where the kids graduated from high school.  Good, maybe they’ll be on to something new.


Lisa’s 365 Project 82/365 – More Macro Practice

I found a dandelion today so….I pulled out my camera and put the macro lens on and tried a shot.  I really need to keep my tripod with me like I do my camera.  As I have said before I’m enjoying my new macro lens.

Lisa’s 365 Project 81/365 – Daddy’s Little Girl

Not really.  She is a mommy’s baby but the older she gets the more she looks like her daddy.

Lisa’s 365 Project 80/365 – Roasting Marshmallows

After a very long weekend, we decided to take out the fire pit and roast marshmallows.  As you can see my middle one was all into it.  You can see the marshmallow on the side of her face.  When she saw the fire and all of the marshmallows she said “My dream came true” because she had been asking for week when we were going to do this. It doesn’t take much to make the little ones happy.

Lisa’s 365 Project 79/365 – On our way home – Another iPhone pic

Well after working until around 1:30am. I got a few hours of sleep then off again early in the morning to a track for my oldest daughter.

I took this picture while my husband was driving us back home.


Lisa’s 365 Project 77/365 – Dramatic Sky

On our way home from track practice today we were marveling at how beautiful the sky looked.  I tried capture it when I got home. I wish I had a better view, I think I should have used my tripod so I would have had a lower ISO and less digital noise.  Not my best picture…but not my worst either.

Lisa’s 365 Project 76/365 – Candy Crush Saga

I have been hooked on the Candy Crush Saga.  I was joking with a friend the other day that I am going to join CCA – Candy Crush Anonymous.  My middle daughter had been bugging me to play and since I’m stuck at a level I thought, why not, maybe she can hep me get to the next level.