2013 CM Monthly Challenge – Shooting through glass

This is the fourth month for the Clickin Moms monthly challenge. The ladies in the group are so talented and I have really enjoyed viewing their photos every month.  I’m amazed at their creativity.  The challenges has really made me think of photography in different ways and are really challenging my though process.  This month’s challenge was shooting through glass.  In the past I would never thought of taking a portrait through a window.  When I saw this challenge my mind went blank.  I check out one of the posts on the Clickin Moms forum and took a few ideas from there.  I even managed to get a self portrait in there.

After viewing this month’s images please keep the circle going and head over to Bianca’s blog and don’t forget to come back for next month’s challenge when we take on beautiful ugly…. That is going to be interesting.

8 thoughts on “2013 CM Monthly Challenge – Shooting through glass

  1. Great job with the theme…I find the image through the window of the girl looking away very compelling. I’m so glad you’re finding the challenges rewarding, I also am finding they are inspiring my photography & really making me think!

  2. You did a wonderful job with these this month! I really like the one of the signs for some reason! And the third and fourth ones are lovely. You’ve inspired me to try again with my girls peeking out the window!

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