Lisa’s 365 Project 110/365 – Beach Week

I totally forgot to post yesterday, but I forgive myself for it.  🙂

We had a wonderful vacation this year at Myrtle Beach.  We took lots of pictures and I will share a few of them with you this week.

These are pictures from a restaurant on the boardwalk under the Skywheel called Land Shark Bar & Grill.  The wait to get in wasn’t long, however they took an extremely long time to bring our food out to us.  Oh yea…and when it finally got out to us the waitress dropped my oldest daughter’s food.  Other than that, I enjoyed eating out on the boardwalk, but we probably will not go back to that restaurant.





Lisa’s 365 Project 109/365 – One More Blast from the Past

This was not the picture I was looking for but I still love it.  It’s my middle daughter and her BFF with my youngest in the middle.  For her birthday that year we let her best friend spend the night and we took them to Build A Bear Workshop.  This picture is more about the best friends but my youngest one has always found a way to be right in the middle of the action.


Lisa’s 365 Project 108/365 – Another blast from the past

Here is another old picture that I like.  This was taken in 2010.  My little one had just had a birthday a few days before this picture.  She loved to dress up back then and still loves to play dress up today.  In this picture she had on some little cute boots that I had ordered from Old Navy and one of her sister’s dance recital dresses.



Lisa’s 365 Project 107/365 – Blast from the past #3

I guess the unofficial theme for this week is old photos I like.  Here is another one from our Hawaii trip. When my husband went to play golf we went down town and took a tour of an old Hawaiian government building.  The statue is of King Kamehameha.  Not a bad pictures for being in fully automatic mode.  You can see the back of my daddy in the bottom left of the picture.  His hair wasn’t as gray 6 years ago.  This picture was taken with my first SLR camera, a Canon Digital Rebel XT.

Lisa’s 365 Project 106/365 – Blast from the past…again

Here is another blast from the past…..I was looking back at some of our old pictures and here is one of us in Hawaii on Waikiki Beach on the island of Oahu in 2007.


Lisa’s 365 Project 106/365 – Blast from the past

Today I thought I would share one of my favorite images from the past.  Here is me and my husband when we were in high school.  This is a picture of a picture.

We were on our way to out high school prom.  I think he had said lets look serious or something crazy like that before my mom took the picture.

Lisa’s 365 Project 105/365 – Superfriends

Remember Super Friends?  Me and my brother used to watch it on Saturday mornings.  My favorite characters were the Wonder Twins.  Wonder Boy was always some form of water and Wonder Girl…, I can only remember her being an eagle. Maybe she was something else but that is all I can remember.  Well, I thought about the Wonder Twins when I was selecting this picture for tonight’s post.  We were in Walmart and the girls wanted the water guns, so I got them.  Then we came to a Superman display and I saw the capes and I just had to get one for little man.

Lisa’s 365 Project 103/365 – A Bugs Life

I was walking from the field in my neighborhood with my kids when we ran across an ant hill that had been disturbed. I stopped and pulled out my camera that already had my macro lens mounted and took this picture. I wanted to get closer but I couldn’t steady myself enough to do so.

When I downloaded the picture on my computer I thought about the movie A Bug’s Life. I took my oldest daughter to see it when she was 2.


Lisa’s 365 Project 102/365 – Another Black and White Photo

It seems that I’ve been into black and white pictures this week.  I’ve been working on converting my images based on a technique that I learned from Celeste Jones in her  breakout session on Clickin Moms. During the session I won a mentoring session with her which was pretty cool.  Check out her website when you get a chance. This is my little one.  She was asking me for something and when she turned around there I was with the camera in her face.  🙂