Lisa’s 365 Project 137/365 – Little Diva

I promised the girls that I would take them to the mall after their doctor’s visit.  My little one wanted to spend the money she received for her birthday.  I took them to Build A Bear Workshop and she got a little rainbow bear and an outfit for it. She even got a little pink sequins pocketbook for the bear that matched very closely to the one she had with her.  She wanted to carry her own bags because “she’s a big girl”.  That didn’t last long but I was happy that I was able to get this shot of her.

Lisa’s 365 Project 136/365 – Arts and Crafts Time

My little one received a cute little paint it yourself tea set. She and her sister painted the set and had a great time doing so. This is right up their alley.

Lisa’s 365 Project 135/365 – Sleep Overs

My middle daughter had a little sleep over with her best friend.  They have been friends since they could walk and they love spending time together.  My little one thinks she is supposed to be in the middle of all of the action as you can see here.  I thought is was funny how they put the pillows up beside her.  She is a wild sleeper so I guess there were trying to make sure she didn’t invade their space.  I’m sure that didn’t work.


Lisa’s 365 Project 133/365 – My Baby is Growing Up

Today is my baby’s birthday.  Time goes by so fast, but I have enjoyed watching her grow over the past 5 years and watching who she is becoming.  Tomorrow we will celebrate with her friends.  She’s so excited about turning 5 and starting kindergarten.

Lisa’s 365 Project 132/365 – Garden Happenings

I thought I would take a few pictures of the tomatoes that I have gathered from my today.  Then I decided to go outside to see what is going on in my garden.  My spider friend is still out there, so I took a picture of him/her again too.  I noticed that its web is a little different from the last picture.  I have a couple of strawberry plants that I must have to feed the birds and not us because they seem to be the main one benefiting from the plants.

Lisa’s 365 Project 131/365 – The Mouse and the Mortocycle

She’s reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle for her summer reading.  It wasn’t a book that she picked but she’s really enjoying it. Next will be Charlotte’s Web.

Lisa’s 365 Project 130/365 – Teenage Faces

Today I wanted to practice taking pictures of my teenage daughter.  She wasn’t feeling too good so my little session didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.  So what I did was take some of the pictures with the funny faces she was making and converted them to black and white.  I kind of like them.

Lisa’s 365 Project 129/365 – Unsuccessful Bubble Experiment

I have seen lots of pictures with oranges, lemons and other types of fruit in club soda or sparkling water and I’ve been wanting to try it for the long time.  I finally decided to try it today.  I didn’t get the shots that I wanted to get so I will try it again. Here are the best ones from today’s experiment.



Lisa’s 365 Project 128/365 – From My Own Garden

The other day I posted a picture of some squash that I picked from my garden to my instagram account.  Tonight I fried it along with some zucchini.  It was yummy..  Nothing like having food from your own garden.