Lisa’s 365 Project 147/365 – I Know How You Feel

She was watching Rise of the Guardians.  It’s a cool movie and she was really into it. After uploading the picture and looking at her little face I thought about myself.  I went to the Ford dealership today to have my oil changed and there she sat….a big beautiful 2013 Ford Expedition.  Oh it was so pretty.  It had black metallic paint with an all black interior.  It had 18″ alloy wheels. The running boards automatically came down when you open the door.  It had radio and volume control on the steering wheel. Oh….it was so nice.  It made me want to trade in Old Big Bertha for a new Big Bertha.  Don’t get me wrong….Big Bertha still looks nice, when she’s clean I am very thankful for it especially on our beach trips.

So tonight’s picture is really me looking at the new truck that I would really love to have…without the car payments.

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