2013 CM Monthly Challenge – Motion Blur

I am back again with a wonderful group of ladies from clickin moms. This month’s challenge was motion blur.  I really had great ideas about going out and taking some shots of traffic.  I love pictures like that.  I never got around to it and I am determined not to miss a month this year.  So instead I had my daughter go out on her back and ride up and down the street.  I was trying a technique called panning. Panning is where you follow a moving object with your camera.  If done correctly, the object that you are following is more in focus than the background.  Today was my first attempt at it.  It’s not as easy as I thought it would be.  It probably would have helped if I used a tripod.

Thanks for checking me out this month.  Please keep the blog circle going and head over to Bianca Klein’s blog to see her post this month.  Don’t forget to come back next month to see how we take on humanizing a nonhuman.  That will be very interesting.

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