Lisa’s 365 Project 222/365 – Thanksgiving Banquet

We had a great time at the Thanksgiving banquet today.


Lisa’s 365 Project 221/365 – Fixing Her Own Plate

Tonight….she wanted to fix her own plate….so I let her and she was happy about it.

Lisa’s 365 Project 220/365 – Homework Time

I’m back with a picture of the girls during homework time.  I am determined to get to 365 but I don’t think I’ll do this challenge again….at least I know I will not do it in 2014.

Lisa’s 365 Project 219/365 – What’s For Dinner

“What’s for dinner?” was the question I heard my daughter ask on the way home.  I really hadn’t thought that far ahead today so I came up with a great idea to cook breakfast.  It’s fast, it’s easy and they love it when we have breakfast for dinner.  I even let her mix her own pancakes.

Lisa’s 365 Project 215/365 – More fall pictures

Since the time has changed and the sun is setting earlier it is hard to get out and get pictures of the trees so I took this picture on my drive home.

Lisa’s 365 Project 213/365 – Fall Trees

I wanted to go up to the mountains this fall and take some pictures of the pretty trees, but I didn’t get a chance to so I thought I’d ride around town and find pretty trees here to take pictures.  The leaves are absolutely gorgeous this year.  I don’t feel that I am capturing these images he way I see them, but I’m happy to say I am trying.