2016 – 365 Challenge 21/365 – Under

So I got a little mixed up yesterday and worked on today’s theme so today I worked on yesterday’s theme, Under.



2016 – 365 Challenge 20/365 – Backlit

I’m still hanging in here at day 20.  Today’s theme was backlit and I most definitely need to work on this some more so I can get the concept right.


2016 – 365 Challenge 19/365 – Side Light

Getting these posts in everyday is challenging with all of the other things we have to do, but so far so good.  Today’s Capture Your 365 theme was side light.  I used one of the little lamps that she had to try to create side lighting.  I had her look up at me and this is what I got  :-).  She was my not so willing subject at this point.  She wanted to get her homework done.


2016 – 365 Challenge 18/365 – Low Light

Today’s Capture Your 365 prompt was Light With The Sky.  I didn’t get out with my camera today so I did a low light indoor shot instead of my daughter watching Transformers.


2016 – 365 Challenge 17/365 – Light

Today’s theme was light.  Nothing technical about this picture.  Lighting and seeing the light is still something I need to learn, but I like the way the light from the lap was shining on her this morning.CY365_17_light_WM


2016 – 365 Challenge 15/365 – A Treasure

Today’s theme is A Treasure.  The first subject that came to mind was my girls.  I treasure the time that I spend with them.  They bring me so much joy and laughter, but then I thought about the memories that I am able to capture by taking pictures.  You never really know how important those pictures are until time passes on.  We are able to freeze moments in time, moments that we may have completely forgotten if we had not captured them in pictures or with video. Pictures tell the stories of our lives.  It is always fun to sit down with the girls and look at old pictures.  I hope to always be able to capture our moments.  Whether its via my SLR or my iPhone, it is important for me to captures those memories that I love and treasure.

CY365_15_A Treasure_WM


2016 – 365 Challenge 14/365 – Black and White

Today’s theme was black and white.  I didn’t really go out and look for any black and white subjects….just took a picture of my girls and converted it to black and white.CY365_14_Black&White_WM


2016 – 365 Challenge 13/365 – Mostly White

Today’s theme is Mostly White.  I wasn’t sure what I would take a picture of.  I started out taking a picture of my gloves and that wasn’t working out so I moved on to some flowers that I had and…they are mostly white.


2016 – 365 Challenge 12/365 – Draw

Today’s CY365 theme is Draw.  When I saw today’s theme I knew exactly what and how I would be taking a picture of.  My daughter loves to draw.  She loves art and she loves to make/create things.