2016 – 365 Challenge 59/365 – Together

Today’s CY365 theme is together.  My sweetie was kind enough to take a picture of me and her baby sister together.


2016 – 365 Challenge 58/365

Today’s post is off-topic.  Congratulations to my daughter’s cheer team.  They came in second in today’s competition.



2016 – 365 Challenge 56/365 – Motion

Today’s theme is motion and there is a lot of that going on in my busy household.


2016 – 365 Challenge 55/365 – Centered

Today’s 365 prompt is centered.  I believe there is a lot you could say about this prompt and a lot of different ways you can interpret it.  My first thoughts, as always, were to take a picture of my girls centered in the frame, but they were all sleep by the time I got around to taking today’s picture.  As I walked down stars and past my office I looked at one of the reading laps and thought that would be a good subject and the meaning behind it is that we should always be centered on The Light of the World.


2016 – 365 Challenge 53/365 – Rest

I tried to think of how pine cones and rest are related since Rest is today’s theme.  I didn’t find any relation..and no one is resting here in my house and I really wanted to take a picture of this pine cone so here we go.


cy365- 53 - pinecone_WM



2016 – 365 Challenge 52/365 – Celebration

We are just getting around to having a birthday party for our little one today.  Our family came over and I think she had a great time.

cy365- 52

2016 – 365 Challenge 51/365 – Starts with R

I’ve missed a couple of days here and there but I’m still hanging in there.  I need to go back and do make up posts.  Today’s prompt is Starts with R.

cy365 - 51 - starts with r

2016 – 365 Challenge 48/365 – Little Sweetie

Today is another off topic picture.  I think it will be that way all week.