2017 Daily Photo Challenge Week 5

I have officially made it through one month.  I wouldn’t say that taking a picture a day has become a habit yet, but it is getting there.  Week 5 was awesome because my little sweetheart turned two and we did a birthday shoot in her cute little outfit.  We also started the week with the second day of cheer competition for Syd and Ash had her last game of this school year.  We ended the week with my husband getting in on the picture action.  He’s so handsome.  I don’t know why he doesn’t like taking pictures…Must be a man thing.


Happy Birthday

Happy second birthday to little Fallyn.  The time has gone by really fast and I am trying to enjoy as much of it as I possibly can as she grows and discovers the world around her. Everyday is a new adventure, and although some days are a challenge I wouldn’t change anything for the world.  We are truly blessed to have her in our lives.  She has helped us all look at things differently and appreciate the time we have here on this earth even more.