2017 Daily Photo Challenge Week 5

I have officially made it through one month.  I wouldn’t say that taking a picture a day has become a habit yet, but it is getting there.  Week 5 was awesome because my little sweetheart turned two and we did a birthday shoot in her cute little outfit.  We also started the week with the second day of cheer competition for Syd and Ash had her last game of this school year.  We ended the week with my husband getting in on the picture action.  He’s so handsome.  I don’t know why he doesn’t like taking pictures…Must be a man thing.


Happy Birthday

Happy second birthday to little Fallyn.  The time has gone by really fast and I am trying to enjoy as much of it as I possibly can as she grows and discovers the world around her. Everyday is a new adventure, and although some days are a challenge I wouldn’t change anything for the world.  We are truly blessed to have her in our lives.  She has helped us all look at things differently and appreciate the time we have here on this earth even more.

2017 Daily Photo Challenge Week 4

I have made it through 4 weeks of shooting daily and I am enjoying it.  I had a couple of days where I couldn’t decide which picture would but the POD.  One of the themes I really enjoyed was shooting dried/dead flowers.  I selected a pot of dead mums and went out late in the afternoon when the sun was lower in the sky. I posted my two favorites of the 5 dead flower shots below.  I hope you enjoy.

2017 Daily Photo Challenge Week 3

Not much going on in week 3.  As a matter of fact I was a little tired this week but I still pushed through and I’m still working on my routine for getting the images posted weekly.

My favorite images from this week are days 16 and 17.  The themes for those days were quiet and bubbles.  Although I am reading about using my flash, I didn’t do much with it this week.  Only day 4’s image was taken with my speedlite.


2017 Daily Photo Challenge

It’s a new year and time for a new challenge.  Last year I only made it to day 65.  This year I hope to get a little further along.  I am participating in the Capture Your 365 challenge.  Instead of posting daily pictures to my blog, this year I have decided to post once a week here and daily to the CY365 Facebook page.  This removes the pressures of preparing a daily blog post and keeps me shooting everyday and enjoying the support of everyone the the CY365 community.

So here are the pictures from week one.  I hope you enjoy.

Check out the Capture Your 365 page for the list of themes.


Make up post 2016 – 365 Challenge 63/365 – Purpose

I’ve missed a few posts so far and I plan to go back and do make up posts for them before I get to far down the road.

Yesterday’s CY365 prompt was purpose.  There are some bird houses in my neighborhood that I am drawn to for some reason so I took a picture of them on my walk today.


Happy Birthday Fallyn

One year ago today at 11:39 AM, we welcomed our little sweetie into the world.  She has been such a blessing to our family.  She brings joy into our home and have taught us to slow down a little and enjoy life.  I am thankful that the Lord has blessed us with this sweet bundle of joy.  It has been a pleasure to watch her grow over the past 12 months and I look forward to see her grow and develop relationships with her sisters.  Happy Birthday Fallyn.  We love you little Two-Two.















2016 Snow

I went out this morning hoping to get some good snowflake pictures.  That is harder than I thought it would be.  I don’t have many pictures to share of snowflakes (only 1) but I have lots of other pictures to share of our fun this morning.