The Way I View – The Holidays

This is the last post for the 2012 CM blog circle.  It has been a wonderful year and I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s work.  This month’s theme is The Way I View the  Holidays.

Christmas is my most favorite holiday of all time.  We have had a great Christmas season in my house this year.  We started off the way we do every year by going to the South Christmas Show in Charlotte.  (I probably should not have gone this year because I had a fever for two days prior to us going and I hadn’t fully recovered but it was the last weekend of the show so I had to go.)  We celebrated my daughter’s birthday, and spent time with family and friends. As always I had lots of other plans that didn’t make the final cut but there is always next Christmas.  Here are some of my favorite photos from this Christmas season.

Please head over to my friend Jen’s  blog to see how she views The Holidays.  Also I will be joining another group of talented ladies on CM starting next month for a monthly blog circle challenge so be sure to come back and see what we have in store for you.

The Way I View – Blessings

This year I have been a part of a blog circle with a group of ladies from Clickin Moms where we have a monthly theme.  This month’s theme is blessings.  One of the definitions for the word blessings is “a favor or gift bestowed by God, thereby bringing happiness.  I really like that definition.  There are many blessings that God has bestowed upon me…life, health, strength, a wonderful brother, great parents, a good job, an awesome & handsome husband. I could on and on but there is one, two, no three blessings that I am most grateful for and that’s my three girls.  Yes…they drive me crazy sometimes but the love and joy they bring give me makes me forget about the crazy moments…sometimes.

This month, I picked a picture that I took at the airshow in Monroe NC…a rare occasion when all three of my girls are getting along at the same time.


Please keep the blog circle going by checking out my friend Lisa Deering to see how she views Blessings this month and don’t forget to come back next month to see our next theme.

The Way I View – Halloween

I’ve joined a group of very talented ladies from, the Clickin Moms forum, in a monthly challenge call the The Way I View ____.  Each month we post a few pictures on the way we view different themes.  I miss last month’s theme, but if you would like to see September’s theme, click here.   You can also view other the rest of the months by clicking on the The Way I View___. link under the categories menu on the right sidebar of this page.

As the title suggests this months theme is Halloween.   We have a good time during the month of October.  We have been hosting a costume party every year since 2008.  We didn’t make it to a big pumpkin patch so we went to our local produce stand right behind the Rock Store in Indian Trail.  As you will see in the pictures below, it really didn’t make a difference to the girls.  They still had a great time.  They also had a blast trick or treating on Halloween. Their cousin, little Mr. Police Officer, came along with us.  I think they had more fun giving out candy than going trick or treating.

After you check out the pictures below, but sure to check out my friend Jen Snyder’s blog to see how she views Halloween.  Thanks and come back soon.

The Way I View – Playtime

This year seems to be flying by.   I can’t believe that it is September already.  I have been working with a great group of ladies this year from Clickin Moms on a monthly challenge.  Each month we have a theme on how we few a particular topic.  This month’s theme is playtime.

My girls love play time.  They love dressing up and playing make-believe, they love arts and crafts, paying video games and playing with their dolls just to name a few things.  And I love watching them play and hearing their little giggles and the story lines they create.

Here are a view images for the ay I view playtime.





Please head over to Lisa Deering’s site to see how she views playtime this month, and don’t forget to check back here to see next month’s theme.

The Way I View – Summer Life

Since I have joined the monthly photography challenge, this year seems to be going by really fast.  It’s that time again… Time for my monthly post in the series with the nice ladies at Clickin Moms.  This month’s theme, Summer Life.

In my household, there’s not a lot happening in regards for summer life.  When the kids get out of school for the summer I stop trying to keep a schedule and we just try to have fun.  So far this summer we’ve been to the beach, spent some time at the neighborhood pool, celebrated the 4th of July, and had fun with family and friend.  Most importantly we celebrated my youngest daughter’s birthday.

Please keep the circle going…. Don’t forget to go over and check out my friend Lisa Deering to see how she views Summer Life.

The Way I View – Fatherhood

I miss last month’s post.  We were busy at work preparing for and performing DR testing and at home preparing for vacation.  It was a busy month to say the least.  I am happy to be back in the loop with the lovely ladies of Clickin Moms sharing are images for the monthly challenge.

This month’s theme is fatherhood.  It’s very important for children to have their fathers in their lives.  I’m so glad that I had my dad and that my children have theirs.

Here is the way I view fatherhood this month.

IMG_5788_for blog



IMG_5951_for blogjpg


Don’t forget to complete the circle….Head over to Lisa Deering’s blog to see the way she view’s fatherhood this month.  See you next month.

The Way I View – Friendship

Whew, it is hard to believe how fast the this year is going.  It is time for another The Way I View post.  Every month I participate with group of ladies from Clickin Moms in a monthly challenge.  It has been very fun seeing everyone’s interpretation of the monthly themes.

This month’s theme is friendship.  Of course when I think of friendship I think of my friends, Sonya, Angie, Melinda, Tonketa, Monica, Sharon, Felicia, Tamika B, Tamika M, my girl Nicole, Toya, Deborah, Sheila…just to name a few.  They are awesome friends.  With our busy schedules we don’t talk everyday and see each other even less, but no matter what we will always be friends.  Tonketa and I have been friends for about 23 years.  That’s a long time.  The only other friend I’ve had longer is my hubby.  Lifelong friendships are rare and wonderful.

I hope that my daughters will also develop lifelong friendships.

Here are a few images of my girls and their friends.

Please head over to my friend Lisa Deering’s blog to see how she view’s friendship this month.

The Way I View – Happiness

I have joined a group of talented photographers on clickin moms and we have a monthly challenge going on this year where we take a photograph that represents how we feel about a monthly theme.

Pleasure, joy, exhilaration, bliss, contentedness, delight, enjoyment, satisfaction….happiness.

Happiness can mean so many things to different people.  One of the things that makes me happy is watching my girls grow up.  It is being there for their successes and picking them up when they fall. Its having life lesson chats with them and most of all its it seeing them when they are happy.

Here is my youngest daughter one day after church enjoying a day in the back yard.

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The Way I View – Sweetness and Love

Sweetness and Love….

I have a sweet tooth and I LOVE candy especially sour candy.  So when I saw our theme for this month I thought it was a great excuse for me to visit our new neighborhood candy store.  This is a cute little store in Indian Trail.  They have all kinds of candies there and they sell baked goods too.  You can even have birthday parties there so I’ll need to keep that in mind for the future.  So here are my pictures for this months theme:

Sweetness and Love

Don’t forget to go check out Lisa J’s blog to see how she views sweetness and love this month.   See you next time.

The Way I View – New Beginnings

This year I really want to challenge myself and grow as a photographer.  So I’ve decided to do few different activities this year.  One of the activities is to participate in a monthly challenge with the nice ladies on the Clickin Moms forum called, The way I view ____.  Each month there is a theme and we are to post pictures of that theme in our blogs. Then we link to other participants blog so you can view their take on the monthly them.

January’s theme is New Beginnings.  I really wanted to get up early one morning and take a picture of a sunrise or something like that, but I have a hard time dragging myself out of bed early on the weekends after going through of week of struggling to get to work at 6:30am.  So I let that idea go.

Nothing says new beginnings like a new year.  We spent New Years Eve with my husband’s family and friends from church.  We had a good time and tired to make it back home before midnight.  We barely made it.  As you can see my two youngest daughters were totally knocked out.

So that’s the way I see new beginnings this month…

Please go over to check Lisa J’s blog’s to see how she see’s new beginnings this month, and don’t forget to come back next month.