2016 – 365 Challenge 60/365 – Sisters

Happy March everyone.  Soon, the days will be longer and we will be outside having a good time.  I had hoped to get out and have a little walk with the girls today, it was dark when we got home so maybe next time.


2016 – 365 Challenge 59/365 – Together

Today’s CY365 theme is together.  My sweetie was kind enough to take a picture of me and her baby sister together.


2016 – 365 Challenge 58/365

Today’s post is off-topic.  Congratulations to my daughter’s cheer team.  They came in second in today’s competition.



2016 – 365 Challenge 51/365 – Starts with R

I’ve missed a couple of days here and there but I’m still hanging in there.  I need to go back and do make up posts.  Today’s prompt is Starts with R.

cy365 - 51 - starts with r

2016 – 365 Challenge 46/365 – Heart

Today’s theme is Heart….and this is my little sweetheart and she is always getting into everything.  Everyday is an adventure for her.


2016 – 365 Challenge 41/365 – Daily Scene

Today’s theme is Daily Scene. My daily scene includes this little sweetie growing, learning, exploring and most of all having fun doing it all.  She is such a joy to us and everyone she comes in contact with.

cy365 - 41 - Daily Scene_WM

2016 – 365 Challenge 39/365 – Discover

We went out of town over the weekend so I’m behind so I’ll be playing catch up sometime this week, but for now I’ll pick back up with today’s CY365 theme, Discover.  My little one is all into discovering new things now more than ever.  She just started walking this past week and now her new thing to do is say “Hey”.

cy365 - 39-365 - discover_wm