2016 – 365 Challenge 61/365 – Focused

Today’s 365 theme is focused.  I thought I’d try something different and take a purposefully out of focus picture of my daughter focusing on her home work.  I also took an in focus picture just in case, and I’ll post both of them today. Looking back I wish I had used a wider lens for a better composition. I’ll note that as a lesson learned.



2016 – 365 Challenge 34/365 – Coarse

Today’s CY365 prompt is Coarse.

CY365-34- Coarse

2016 – 365 Challenge 13/365 – Mostly White

Today’s theme is Mostly White.  I wasn’t sure what I would take a picture of.  I started out taking a picture of my gloves and that wasn’t working out so I moved on to some flowers that I had and…they are mostly white.


2016 – 365 Challenge 12/365 – Draw

Today’s CY365 theme is Draw.  When I saw today’s theme I knew exactly what and how I would be taking a picture of.  My daughter loves to draw.  She loves art and she loves to make/create things.


2015 Project 52 – 11/52 – Hanging out and the Art Show

Here is another set of pictures for this week. My two youngest girls hanging out and pictures from the girl’s  art show at school.


Lisa’s 365 Project 141/365 – Grand Opening

As always the girls are coming up with different things, schools, forts, tents….today it was the grand opening of the art gallery.  Everyone in the house was invited.  The gallery was opened from 8:30 pm – 9pm.  I’m thinking I need to take them to one of the art museums in the area.

Lisa’s 365 Project 137/365 – Tent House

Playtime at my house almost always include making or building something.  Here is one of my girls in her fort, tent, hotel, house (almost every time I asked I got a different answer).  This wasn’t a small little tent like we made when we were little.  No, this takes up almost all of the space in the front room.  They used at least 4 different comforters, several blankets and lots of chairs.  This tent has several “rooms” in it, including two bedrooms a foyer and a dining area.  Here she is in “her room”  drawing a picture she found on her Kindle.

Lisa’s 365 Project 136/365 – Arts and Crafts Time

My little one received a cute little paint it yourself tea set. She and her sister painted the set and had a great time doing so. This is right up their alley.