2016 – 365 Challenge 51/365 – Starts with R

I’ve missed a couple of days here and there but I’m still hanging in there.  I need to go back and do make up posts.  Today’s prompt is Starts with R.

cy365 - 51 - starts with r

Lisa’s 365 Project 113/365 – Beach Week Day 4

Here are more beach pictures from our trip.  We were down catching sand crabs and so were the birds.  Of all the years I’ve gone to Myrtle Beach this was the first time I had ever noticed them.

Lisa’s 365 Project 110/365 – Beach Week

I totally forgot to post yesterday, but I forgive myself for it.  🙂

We had a wonderful vacation this year at Myrtle Beach.  We took lots of pictures and I will share a few of them with you this week.

These are pictures from a restaurant on the boardwalk under the Skywheel called Land Shark Bar & Grill.  The wait to get in wasn’t long, however they took an extremely long time to bring our food out to us.  Oh yea…and when it finally got out to us the waitress dropped my oldest daughter’s food.  Other than that, I enjoyed eating out on the boardwalk, but we probably will not go back to that restaurant.





Lisa’s 365 Project 106/365 – Blast from the past…again

Here is another blast from the past…..I was looking back at some of our old pictures and here is one of us in Hawaii on Waikiki Beach on the island of Oahu in 2007.


One Last Beach Trip Post

Here are just a few more from our beach trip this year.  We really had a good time and we are looking forward to going back next year.



I love this picture of my girls together:



On the Road Again

So here is another picture from our beach trip.  I was going for a vintage look again with this picture.  It looks ok…… I really like how the Capri Sun box looks in this image.  We really had the truck jam pack.


Vintage Summber Beach Fun

I haven’t posted any pictures from our beach trip and its long over due.  So my goal is to post one every day over the next few days.  I read a tutorial on Love that Shot(http://lovethatshot.com/) on the summer vintage look so I thought I’d try it on the first beach photo that I will post….Here goes:

Our Seashells

On the last day of our beach trip, I took Ashleigh and Sydney out to find seashells.  I promised that we would do a craft project with the seashells.  Well, I haven’t made good on my promise yet, but I did get some good ideas from Ashleigh today.

Discussing our project today helped me decide what today’s  picture a day challenge picture would be, and here it is…

Our Beach Trip

Our family took a trip to the beach a couple of weeks ago, and I should be ashamed of myself because I haven’t processes all of the pictures.  I’ve been shooting in RAW a few months now and I haven’t gotten the workflow thing together.

I really like sepia tone photo and the vintage look so I always try to find pictures that will look good with those tones. Here are a few pics that I’ve processed so far.

More pics to come after whenever I take time to process them.