2016 – 365 Challenge 52/365 – Celebration

We are just getting around to having a birthday party for our little one today.  Our family came over and I think she had a great time.

cy365- 52

2015 Project 52 – 5/52 – Welcome to the World

I’m late for this week’s post.  Better late than never… Last week we welcome our new little girl into the world.  It was a busy week and we are still adjusting but all is well and we are blessed to have our new bundle of joy.




Lisa’s 365 Project 139/365 – Down on the Farm

We went to a birthday party today at Darby Acre Farms. They had a great time.  I had to bribe my middle one to ride on the horse but she was glad that she did.  She is an animal person and loved the pigs and the rabbits.

Lisa’s 365 Project 100/365 – Happy Birthday

My husband decided to surprise our neighbor with a small birthday cake.  We stayed over and chatted a little.  Mr. Robert was really surprised.

Lisa’s 365 Project 85/365 – Getting ready for the big sleepover

She was so excited about going to her god-sister’s house for a birthday party sleepover.  She was busy packing her back when I took this picture.  I was “interrupting” here. lol

30 Days of Gratitude Day 27


And I am thankful that the Lord has blessed me to see another year. I had a really wonderful day today.  My husband and girls serenaded me with the happy birthday song, we went out to breakfast and then we decorated the house for Christmas.  I am truly blessed to have the family that I have.