Lisa’s 365 Project 174/365 – Praying Mantis

After the kids finished eating, they were on their way upstairs when they called me to come see something that they thought was cool.  It was a Praying Mantis on the window.  Of course I didn’t know that was what you called it.  I heard my middle daughter explaining to her little sister and little cousin that it was called that because it looked like its hand were together.

After I saw it I grabbed my camera and mounted my macro lens and took this picture.

Lisa’s 365 Project 168/365 – Neglected Garden

I decided to go out to take a look at my garden that I have neglected over the past month or so and ran across this weird-looking caterpillar with these gross looking cotton thing giggies stuck on it.  So I took a picture or two of it and a few of the items in my neglected garden.  Then I came inside and looked up caterpillars because I really wanted to know what that thing was.  It is called a Tomato Hornworm and those things on it were braconid wasp eggs.   The other pictures are of rotten tomatoes and a cucumber.

Lisa’s 365 Project 132/365 – Garden Happenings

I thought I would take a few pictures of the tomatoes that I have gathered from my today.  Then I decided to go outside to see what is going on in my garden.  My spider friend is still out there, so I took a picture of him/her again too.  I noticed that its web is a little different from the last picture.  I have a couple of strawberry plants that I must have to feed the birds and not us because they seem to be the main one benefiting from the plants.

Lisa’s 365 Project 127/365 – Spiders

I was in the back yard today checking out my garden when I saw this weird looking spider. Over to the left I saw another web with what looked like another spider or a shell of another spider.  I had my oldest daughter pull back the leaves of my tomato plant so I could take a picture of it.  On the other side of the tomato plants I saw another spider shell. Then on the ground we saw this brown spider.

Lisa’s 365 Project 103/365 – A Bugs Life

I was walking from the field in my neighborhood with my kids when we ran across an ant hill that had been disturbed. I stopped and pulled out my camera that already had my macro lens mounted and took this picture. I wanted to get closer but I couldn’t steady myself enough to do so.

When I downloaded the picture on my computer I thought about the movie A Bug’s Life. I took my oldest daughter to see it when she was 2.


2013 CM Monthly Challenge – Beautiful Ugly

Hello everyone.  I’ve joined a group of extremely talented ladies on for a monthly photography challenge.  This month’s challenge is beautiful ugly.  Yep….trying to find the beautiful in the ugly.  In my quest to find the beauty in the ugly, I…for the first time in my life was chasing bugs.  Yep…any another time the bugs would have been chasing me.  So here are my pictures of bugs, dying flowers and rust.  I hope you enjoy,

Now that you have viewed my images, please head over to Misty’ssite to see her take on Beautiful Ugly and don’t forget to come back next month to see next month’s challenge, shallow depth of field.  That is going to be fun.