2013 CM Monthly Challenge – Motion Blur

I am back again with a wonderful group of ladies from clickin moms. This month’s challenge was motion blur.  I really had great ideas about going out and taking some shots of traffic.  I love pictures like that.  I never got around to it and I am determined not to miss a month this year.  So instead I had my daughter go out on her back and ride up and down the street.  I was trying a technique called panning. Panning is where you follow a moving object with your camera.  If done correctly, the object that you are following is more in focus than the background.  Today was my first attempt at it.  It’s not as easy as I thought it would be.  It probably would have helped if I used a tripod.

Thanks for checking me out this month.  Please keep the blog circle going and head over to Bianca Klein’s blog to see her post this month.  Don’t forget to come back next month to see how we take on humanizing a nonhuman.  That will be very interesting.

2013 CM Monthly Challenge – Shallow Depth of Field

Hi everyone.  I am back with another post for the monthly blog challenge with the very talented ladies from Clickinmoms. This month’s theme is shallow depth of field.  When I saw what this month’s challenge would be, I knew I would use my macro lens because of the extremely shallow DOF that you can easily achieve with it.

Hope you enjoyed this month’s  photos.  Please keep our circle going and head over to Rebecca’s blog and check out her shallow DOF images this month.  Don’t forget to check back with us next month to see our interpretation on mobile phone.

Lisa’s 365 Project 102/365 – Another Black and White Photo

It seems that I’ve been into black and white pictures this week.  I’ve been working on converting my images based on a technique that I learned from Celeste Jones in her  breakout session on Clickin Moms. During the session I won a mentoring session with her which was pretty cool.  Check out her website when you get a chance. This is my little one.  She was asking me for something and when she turned around there I was with the camera in her face.  🙂

2013 CM Monthly Challenge – Shooting through glass

This is the fourth month for the Clickin Moms monthly challenge. The ladies in the group are so talented and I have really enjoyed viewing their photos every month.  I’m amazed at their creativity.  The challenges has really made me think of photography in different ways and are really challenging my though process.  This month’s challenge was shooting through glass.  In the past I would never thought of taking a portrait through a window.  When I saw this challenge my mind went blank.  I check out one of the posts on the Clickin Moms forum and took a few ideas from there.  I even managed to get a self portrait in there.

After viewing this month’s images please keep the circle going and head over to Bianca’s blog and don’t forget to come back for next month’s challenge when we take on beautiful ugly…. That is going to be interesting.

Lisa’s 365 Project 30/365 – Soulful photography

I took a breakout session on clickinmoms called Soulful photography approach with Celeste Jones. When I picked up my girls from my grandma’s house yesterday and saw my daughter on the sofa, totally ignoring everything except the TV, I grabbed my camera  and took this picture.  I decided to try Celeste’s approach to converting  images to black and white.  I think I like her approach.  I’ll try it on more pictures in the future with pictures that have darker backgrounds.

2013 CM Monthly Challenge -Interesting Perspectives

I’m back again with another post for our ClickinMoms monthly challenge.  This month’s challenge was interesting perspectives.  When I saw this I had no clue what I would do so I did a little research and found a few articles that talked about photographic perspectives.  There are several different types, height, overlap, diminishing or relative size, aerial , linear and a few others.  I didn’t get a chance to try all that I wanted to or even study as much about the different types of photographic perspective as I would like to.  So I have more work to do. The two images that I have for this month are my attempt at linear perspective.

I hope you enjoyed the images this month.  Please keep our blog circle going and head over to my friend Jessica Singleton’s site to view her take on this month’s challenge and don’t forget to come back next month to see what I come up with for shooting through glass….That will be interesting.

2013 CM Monthly Challenge – Close Up Portaiture

Last year I joined a group of ladies from ClickinMoms in a photography blog circle monthly challenge.  This year, that challenge continues with new topics every month that will push some of us (especially me) outside of our comfort zone.  This supports my goal this year is to become a better photographer.

This month we start with close up portraiture.  I so wish I had a macro lens for this challenge, but I don’t so I used my Canon 50mm and my Tamron 28-75mm to capture my daughter looking at her Kindle fire and preparing to go outside during the cold snap we last weekend.

Thanks for visiting this month.  Please keep the circle going and head over to Rachel’s blog.  Don’t forget to come back next month as we take on food photography.