Lisa’s 365 Project 215/365 – More fall pictures

Since the time has changed and the sun is setting earlier it is hard to get out and get pictures of the trees so I took this picture on my drive home.

Lisa’s 365 Project 213/365 – Fall Trees

I wanted to go up to the mountains this fall and take some pictures of the pretty trees, but I didn’t get a chance to so I thought I’d ride around town and find pretty trees here to take pictures.  The leaves are absolutely gorgeous this year.  I don’t feel that I am capturing these images he way I see them, but I’m happy to say I am trying.

Lisa’s 365 Project 206/365 – Picking Pumpkins

Since “The Artist” was not able to go with us to the pumpkin farm last Friday, I stopped by a church this afternoon that had a little pumpkin patch setup.  They had just as much fun there as they’ve had at the farm in years past.

Lisa’s 365 Project 202/365 -Pumpkin Picking at Riverbend Farm

I took a vacation day today and went with my sweetie on her class field trip to the Riverbend Farm.  I think she had a wonderful time.  We didn’t get a mile away before she was knocked out in her car seat.

30 Days of Gratitude Day 8

I love fall.  It is definitely my favorite season.  I am grateful to see fall ushered in year after year with a change in weather, the holiday’s that follow, and I love to see the vibrant colors of the fall leaves.



Welcome Fall

Fall is my favorite season of the year.  I love the crisp cool air it brings.  The trees are just beautiful.  Football season begins, and fall ushers in my favorite holidays, Halloween, Thanks Giving and Christmas (but not in that order).  Not to mention my birthday and my anniversary 🙂

I hope to really get out and enjoy the different festivities this fall and we started out this past weekend with a visit to the pumpkin patch and of course I took plenty of pictures.  I’m still learning my new camera and noticed that most of my pictures came out over exposed, but that’s cool I still captured some great memories.  Here are some of our pictures from our trip.  Had a hard time deciding which ones to post so there are quite a few here.