2016 Snow

I went out this morning hoping to get some good snowflake pictures.  That is harder than I thought it would be.  I don’t have many pictures to share of snowflakes (only 1) but I have lots of other pictures to share of our fun this morning.


















Lisa’s 365 Project 207/365 – Pumpkin Carving

So tonight I let the girls clean out and carve their pumpkins while watching It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

Lisa’s 365 Project 206/365 – Picking Pumpkins

Since “The Artist” was not able to go with us to the pumpkin farm last Friday, I stopped by a church this afternoon that had a little pumpkin patch setup.  They had just as much fun there as they’ve had at the farm in years past.

Lisa’s 365 Project 202/365 -Pumpkin Picking at Riverbend Farm

I took a vacation day today and went with my sweetie on her class field trip to the Riverbend Farm.  I think she had a wonderful time.  We didn’t get a mile away before she was knocked out in her car seat.

Lisa’s 365 Project 200/365 -More Costume Party Pictures

Here are more pictures from the party Sunday.  The kids had a wonderful day and we even saw a rainbow reminding us of God’s promises to us.


Lisa’s 365 Project 151/365 – Ninja Niece

Today we celebrated my niece’s 8th birthday.  Like my middle child, she’s very creative and comes up with idea’s that you just wouldn’t think a child would have.  She wanted a ninja themed birthday party.  It was different and very cute.  They kids had a great time!!

Lisa’s 365 Project 143/365 – Late Summer Nights

I hope my girls have enjoyed their summer and get the most out of these last few weeks and late nights watching movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Lisa’s 365 Project 137/365 – Tent House

Playtime at my house almost always include making or building something.  Here is one of my girls in her fort, tent, hotel, house (almost every time I asked I got a different answer).  This wasn’t a small little tent like we made when we were little.  No, this takes up almost all of the space in the front room.  They used at least 4 different comforters, several blankets and lots of chairs.  This tent has several “rooms” in it, including two bedrooms a foyer and a dining area.  Here she is in “her room”  drawing a picture she found on her Kindle.

Lisa’s 365 Project 94/365 – Fancy Party

This evening my youngest told me that I was invited to her party and that it was a fancy party and I had to dress up.  When she saw me go in the closet to pick out something to wear she asked “Are you putting on a dress?”.  I answer yes and as she walked away I heard her little voice as she whispered to herself “Yes!!!”.  She was so happy and that made me happy.  We had a play play dinner. We drank out of fancy glasses.  Then we danced.  We danced to classical music, Radio Disney, the Cha Cha Slide, the Cupid Shuffle and we ended with Gangnam Style. I love this picture because of how happy they both look and you can tell they were having so much fun dancing together.