Lisa’s 365 Project 107/365 – Blast from the past #3

I guess the unofficial theme for this week is old photos I like.  Here is another one from our Hawaii trip. When my husband went to play golf we went down town and took a tour of an old Hawaiian government building.  The statue is of King Kamehameha.  Not a bad pictures for being in fully automatic mode.  You can see the back of my daddy in the bottom left of the picture.  His hair wasn’t as gray 6 years ago.  This picture was taken with my first SLR camera, a Canon Digital Rebel XT.

Lisa’s 365 Project 106/365 – Blast from the past…again

Here is another blast from the past…..I was looking back at some of our old pictures and here is one of us in Hawaii on Waikiki Beach on the island of Oahu in 2007.