Lisa’s 365 Project 98/365 – Father’s Day

So I’ve had another busy Saturday today but better than the rest.  We did have a track meet today, but we went about things a lot differently.  We went to the meet to check out everything and see where they were with the schedule then we met my dad and my brother with his family at a restaurant to celebrate father’s day.  The best thing about today was that we didn’t get home in the wee hours of the morning and me and my husband had enough time to go get a couples massage.

Here are a few pictures of us after lunch today.  I didn’t get my youngest niece in the picture because she had to leave for tennis practice.

Lisa’s 365 Project 11/365 – St. Patrick’s Day

In my house we don’t make a big to do about St. Patrick’s Day.  We might wear green and that’s usually about it.  This year, I decided to take it just a little step further.  I didn’t do corned beef, I’ll try that next year.  Instead we had roast beef and I made yummy green velvet cupcakes.  I saw a pin on pintrest for this and decided that I had to try it.  It was pretty easy, just find your favorite red velvet recipe and instead of adding red food coloring add green instead. I used one bottle of McCormick green food coloring.

The Way I View – The Holidays

This is the last post for the 2012 CM blog circle.  It has been a wonderful year and I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s work.  This month’s theme is The Way I View the  Holidays.

Christmas is my most favorite holiday of all time.  We have had a great Christmas season in my house this year.  We started off the way we do every year by going to the South Christmas Show in Charlotte.  (I probably should not have gone this year because I had a fever for two days prior to us going and I hadn’t fully recovered but it was the last weekend of the show so I had to go.)  We celebrated my daughter’s birthday, and spent time with family and friends. As always I had lots of other plans that didn’t make the final cut but there is always next Christmas.  Here are some of my favorite photos from this Christmas season.

Please head over to my friend Jen’s  blog to see how she views The Holidays.  Also I will be joining another group of talented ladies on CM starting next month for a monthly blog circle challenge so be sure to come back and see what we have in store for you.

The Way I View – Halloween

I’ve joined a group of very talented ladies from, the Clickin Moms forum, in a monthly challenge call the The Way I View ____.  Each month we post a few pictures on the way we view different themes.  I miss last month’s theme, but if you would like to see September’s theme, click here.   You can also view other the rest of the months by clicking on the The Way I View___. link under the categories menu on the right sidebar of this page.

As the title suggests this months theme is Halloween.   We have a good time during the month of October.  We have been hosting a costume party every year since 2008.  We didn’t make it to a big pumpkin patch so we went to our local produce stand right behind the Rock Store in Indian Trail.  As you will see in the pictures below, it really didn’t make a difference to the girls.  They still had a great time.  They also had a blast trick or treating on Halloween. Their cousin, little Mr. Police Officer, came along with us.  I think they had more fun giving out candy than going trick or treating.

After you check out the pictures below, but sure to check out my friend Jen Snyder’s blog to see how she views Halloween.  Thanks and come back soon.

Happy 4th of July 2010

This year, we decided to go see the fireworks in Monroe, NC, since it is closer to our home.  It was not as crowded as Charlotte, but it was crowded.  Unfortunately we did not get a good spot.  We were around a lot of  street lights.  My pictures are by no means spectacular, but they are miles away from the first ones I shot several years ago.  Here are a couple of those pictures:

I was actually proud of those pictures… Now that I’ve learned a little more, I have better pictures, but I feel I still have a long way to go.  I took these using the Bulb feature on my camera.  The aperture was set to 10 and the with the Bulb feature, my shutter speeds were anywhere from 2 – 25 seconds.

My lesson learned…get there early and know exactly where they are shutting the fireworks from.

Mother’s Day 2010

For mother’s day, we went the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden.  The kids had a really good time.  I had fun editing the pictures too.  I really like the sepia look and the vintage look of old pictures.  Here are a few of my attempts to create those looks:

I had one picture that was terribly under exposed, but I was able to save it using Adobe Bridge by correcting the exposure and converting it to a BW picture.

I have found editing to be a very fun part of photography.  I switched to taking all of my pictures in RAW format in early March.  I was a little hesitant, so I started out taking them in RAW+JPEG.  That really eats up a lot of space.  I purchased a book by Scott Kelby titled “The Adobe Photoshop CS3 Book for digital Photographers”.  Since I’ve been reading and practicing what is in the book, I have become a lot more confident in editing pictures with Adobe.   It is a great book and I would highly recommend it.