2016 – 365 Challenge 31/365 – Off Topic Night

I didn’t stick with the topic tonight.  She’s looking at a video of her baby sister that we took while we were doing a cake smash session today.  It was so fun.



2015 Project 52 – 17/52

Here we are with my week 17 post…I’m starting to think that all of my post will be late this year. I’m ok with that though.  I’m enjoying capturing Fallyn every week.  My little sweetie is growing fast.  Here she is spending a little time on her tummy.

Look at the little dimples in her hands

Here is big sister looking at her Kindle Fire.


Lisa’s 365 Project 170/365 – Another Post

Oops!!!! I scheduled my post last night and never got around to attaching the picture to it lol.  Time got away from me.  Here’s my picture for today.  She was having an issue with her wifi connectivity on her Kindle.  She really wasn’t into taking pictures but I love this one.  She’s growing up so fast.


Lisa’s 365 Project 137/365 – Tent House

Playtime at my house almost always include making or building something.  Here is one of my girls in her fort, tent, hotel, house (almost every time I asked I got a different answer).  This wasn’t a small little tent like we made when we were little.  No, this takes up almost all of the space in the front room.  They used at least 4 different comforters, several blankets and lots of chairs.  This tent has several “rooms” in it, including two bedrooms a foyer and a dining area.  Here she is in “her room”  drawing a picture she found on her Kindle.

Lisa’s 365 Project 54/365 – Reading Time

It was reading time but she was ready to go outside with her friends.

Lisa’s 365 Project 43/365 – What she loves best…

Art work and the Kindle fire.  She loves to do anything artsy and since she got her Kindle fire for Christmas she’s been on it everyday.  She’s discovered the old Fat Albert cartoons on amazon prime.

Lisa’s 365 Project 7/365 – Silhouette

I have been wanting to try to do a silhouette picture for a while now, and here is one of my first tries.  I’m not exactly where I want to be but I do like this picture.  She’s watching another movie on her Kindle Fire.

Lisa’s Project 365 2/365 – Kindle Fire

She really loves her Kindle fire.  It has been a great learning tool for her and she loves to watch movies on it during the weekend.