2016 Snow

I went out this morning hoping to get some good snowflake pictures.  That is harder than I thought it would be.  I don’t have many pictures to share of snowflakes (only 1) but I have lots of other pictures to share of our fun this morning.


















2016 – 365 Challenge 6/365 – Pushing Myself

Today’s Capture Your 365 prompt is Pushing Myself.  I am pushing myself everyday that I take a picture and stick with this challenge.

CY365_6_Pushing Myself_WM

Lisa’s 365 Project 197/365 – Macro Play

I decided to take some pictures of my mums in bloom today.  It had started to get dark so I used my speed lite off camera.  This wasn’t the pictured that I was going to select but after looking at the ones I took, I like this one the best.

Lisa’s 365 Project 184/365 – Macro and Light Room

I have downloaded a trial version of Light Room 5 to play around with.  I have never used light room before but I’ve seen some pretty cool demos on the capabilities.  For my pictured today I took a macro shot of a little Christmas tree one of my girls made for us one year and I imported into Light Room for my edits.  I am trying to compare it to Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw to see if I really want to get it.  I only have 25 days left on my trial so I need to really get into it over the weekend.


Lisa’s 365 Project 151/365 – Macro Fun

I’m still liking my macro lens.  It is a great lens to turn to when I need to get a shot for my blog in a hurry.  I love the shallow dept of field that you can achieve very easily with it and how it blurs out distracting backgrounds.

Tonight I looked at two unrelated items and thought they would be interesting macro subject.

Lisa’s 365 Project 149/365 – Lapis Lazuli

After my post last night, I wanted to take more pictures of glittery things.  So I went in my office with my macro lens mounted on my camera, picked out one of my bottles of glitter and poured away.  The color I picked is called lapis lazuli named after a precious stone that is mentioned several times in the Bible. It is a beautiful rich blue.

So here is my macro picture for today

Lisa’s 365 Project 129/365 – Unsuccessful Bubble Experiment

I have seen lots of pictures with oranges, lemons and other types of fruit in club soda or sparkling water and I’ve been wanting to try it for the long time.  I finally decided to try it today.  I didn’t get the shots that I wanted to get so I will try it again. Here are the best ones from today’s experiment.