2016 Snow

I went out this morning hoping to get some good snowflake pictures.  That is harder than I thought it would be.  I don’t have many pictures to share of snowflakes (only 1) but I have lots of other pictures to share of our fun this morning.


















2016 – 365 Challenge 6/365 – Pushing Myself

Today’s Capture Your 365 prompt is Pushing Myself.  I am pushing myself everyday that I take a picture and stick with this challenge.

CY365_6_Pushing Myself_WM

Lisa’s 365 Project 185/365 – Macro Night

Tonight I joined a great group of people at Charlotte Camera Club.  People brought in all kinds of props and we tried our hand at macro photography.  I’ll post more pictures tomorrow but I wanted to get a quick one up for my post tonight.

Lisa’s 365 Project 184/365 – Macro and Light Room

I have downloaded a trial version of Light Room 5 to play around with.  I have never used light room before but I’ve seen some pretty cool demos on the capabilities.  For my pictured today I took a macro shot of a little Christmas tree one of my girls made for us one year and I imported into Light Room for my edits.  I am trying to compare it to Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw to see if I really want to get it.  I only have 25 days left on my trial so I need to really get into it over the weekend.


Lisa’s 365 Project 183/365 – Her Favorite Cookies

I wast trying to think of what to take a picture of tonight.  I was going to take a macro shot of bananas but I looked over and saw the bag of Oreos (Aldi brand Oreos to be exact).  She loves them  I have to limit the number she can have everyday, and after I took this picture….I let her have a few.  It makes me think of that commercial from Christmas time… “Oh oh oh…who’s that kid with the Oreo cookie.” Love it!!! Love the memories…Hope she has good ones too.

Lisa’s 365 Project 174/365 – Praying Mantis

After the kids finished eating, they were on their way upstairs when they called me to come see something that they thought was cool.  It was a Praying Mantis on the window.  Of course I didn’t know that was what you called it.  I heard my middle daughter explaining to her little sister and little cousin that it was called that because it looked like its hand were together.

After I saw it I grabbed my camera and mounted my macro lens and took this picture.

Lisa’s 365 Project 151/365 – Macro Fun

I’m still liking my macro lens.  It is a great lens to turn to when I need to get a shot for my blog in a hurry.  I love the shallow dept of field that you can achieve very easily with it and how it blurs out distracting backgrounds.

Tonight I looked at two unrelated items and thought they would be interesting macro subject.