2015 Project 52 – 5/52 – Welcome to the World

I’m late for this week’s post.  Better late than never… Last week we welcome our new little girl into the world.  It was a busy week and we are still adjusting but all is well and we are blessed to have our new bundle of joy.




Lisa’s 365 Project 158/365 – Me and the Girls

We had a really long day today.  I went to my friends house and took pictures of her sweet new little girl.  She was a very sweet and good baby, but I have to admit that taking pictures of newborns is hard work and requires a lot of patience.  I wish that I had a newborn every week to practice on.

After we finished there we went to the back to school fun fest that my church was having and I was asked to take pictures there as well.  It was nice they gave away book bags, school supplies, a Kindle Fire, and shoes.  They had vendors there to discuss different health concerns and to keep the community stay informed (http://www.twcsda.org/).  But before I left my friend’s house she said “Let me take a picture of you and the girls.  It can be your post for tonight.”  Two out of three of the girls cooperated, but I was ok with that.  I was just happy that someone offered to take a picture of us, instead of me being ghost mom.