2013 CM Monthly Challenge -Interesting Perspectives

I’m back again with another post for our ClickinMoms monthly challenge.  This month’s challenge was interesting perspectives.  When I saw this I had no clue what I would do so I did a little research and found a few articles that talked about photographic perspectives.  There are several different types, height, overlap, diminishing or relative size, aerial , linear and a few others.  I didn’t get a chance to try all that I wanted to or even study as much about the different types of photographic perspective as I would like to.  So I have more work to do. The two images that I have for this month are my attempt at linear perspective.

I hope you enjoyed the images this month.  Please keep our blog circle going and head over to my friend Jessica Singleton’s site to view her take on this month’s challenge and don’t forget to come back next month to see what I come up with for shooting through glass….That will be interesting.