2016 – 365 Challenge 42/365 -Off Topic

Today’s I just took a picture of my sweetie instead of today’s topic.


cy365 - 42 - off topicWM

Lisa’s 365 Project 167/365 – Back to School…Back to Work

Now that the girls are back to school that means they are back to doing homework too.  They don’t mind, the only problem is they wanted to be outside with their friends.  They have to learn that work comes before play.

Lisa’s 365 Project 137/365 – Tent House

Playtime at my house almost always include making or building something.  Here is one of my girls in her fort, tent, hotel, house (almost every time I asked I got a different answer).  This wasn’t a small little tent like we made when we were little.  No, this takes up almost all of the space in the front room.  They used at least 4 different comforters, several blankets and lots of chairs.  This tent has several “rooms” in it, including two bedrooms a foyer and a dining area.  Here she is in “her room”  drawing a picture she found on her Kindle.

Lisa’s 365 Project 18/365 – Talent Show

My two youngest daughters are always up to something.  Last night they were having a talent show.  Presenting the Incredible Rolling Toy Box and Shadow Girl!!!!

Lisa’s 365 Project 15/365 – Hula Hoop Girl

I love these pictures.  She worked hard to learn how to hula hoop!!! I love looking at the placement of her little hands.  She’s growing up so fast, but as I look at these pictures it reminds me of how little she still is.

The Way I View – Playtime

This year seems to be flying by.   I can’t believe that it is September already.  I have been working with a great group of ladies this year from Clickin Moms on a monthly challenge.  Each month we have a theme on how we few a particular topic.  This month’s theme is playtime.

My girls love play time.  They love dressing up and playing make-believe, they love arts and crafts, paying video games and playing with their dolls just to name a few things.  And I love watching them play and hearing their little giggles and the story lines they create.

Here are a view images for the ay I view playtime.





Please head over to Lisa Deering’s site to see how she views playtime this month, and don’t forget to check back here to see next month’s theme.