2017 Daily Photo Challenge Week 2

I’ve made it through 2 weeks.  52 more days before this becomes a habit and 351 days  before the successful completion of this project.  My favorite images from this week are days 8 (even though we are not in focus) and 13.  If you are interested in doing a 365 project you should head over to Capture Your 365 and take a look at the list and join the facebook group.  There are lots of supportive people there and I’m sure they would love to have you.

2016 – 365 Challenge 60/365 – Sisters

Happy March everyone.  Soon, the days will be longer and we will be outside having a good time.  I had hoped to get out and have a little walk with the girls today, it was dark when we got home so maybe next time.


2016 – 365 Challenge 56/365 – Motion

Today’s theme is motion and there is a lot of that going on in my busy household.


2016 Snow

I went out this morning hoping to get some good snowflake pictures.  That is harder than I thought it would be.  I don’t have many pictures to share of snowflakes (only 1) but I have lots of other pictures to share of our fun this morning.


















2016 – 365 Challenge 14/365 – Black and White

Today’s theme was black and white.  I didn’t really go out and look for any black and white subjects….just took a picture of my girls and converted it to black and white.CY365_14_Black&White_WM


2016 – 365 Challenge 8/365 – From Where I Stand

From where I was standing I could see my sweet little one playing peak a boo with her older sister.


2016 – 365 Challenge 7/365 – Good for Me

Today’s challenge theme is Good for Me.  Well, I thought about several different things to take a picture of today, but when it was all said and done I choose to take a picture of my girls.  Well…at least the ones that would cooperate.  They are good for me.  They keep me on my toes, keep me pushing and striving to be a better person.


2016 – 365 Challenge 5/365 – Makes Me Happy

There are a lot of things that makes me happy and I wish I had time to take a wonderful photographs of all of them. What makes me happiest is my family and seeing them happy together.