Lisa’s 365 Project 132/365 – Garden Happenings

I thought I would take a few pictures of the tomatoes that I have gathered from my today.  Then I decided to go outside to see what is going on in my garden.  My spider friend is still out there, so I took a picture of him/her again too.  I noticed that its web is a little different from the last picture.  I have a couple of strawberry plants that I must have to feed the birds and not us because they seem to be the main one benefiting from the plants.

Creepy Crawlers

Today when I got home from the store, I saw this huge spider in my holly bush.  It was pretty scary looking I took a picture of it before I killed it.  Did a Google search on spider types and found it.  The name of the spider is St Andrews Cross Spider.  I was happy to read that it is a non-toxic spider.  They also mention that it is considered beneficial because the large webs catch flying insects like flies and mosquitoes.  Um….It my be beneficial but I really don’t I want them hanging around my house.