2016 – 365 Challenge 28/365 – Student of the Month

Today I decided to post an off-topic picture.  My sweetie was honored as a student of the month.  I’m so proud of her.



Lisa’s 365 Project 201/365 – I’m Back with the Student of the Month

I’ve been tired for the past few days and didn’t take pictures or…as you may have noticed, no post but that changed today.  Today I had the pleasure of visiting my little girl’s school for chapel.  At the end of chapel she and some of her other classmates received their Student of the Month Award.  I’m so proud of her!!!  She was a little sad during the service because she didn’t realize I was there but when she saw me her face lit up.  I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

My picture is not as sharp as I would have liked….but the most important thing is I captured the memory.

Here is a video of the kids singing.  I need to work on my videography skills.

Lisa’s 365 Project 194/365 – Student of the Month

I know I said that I would give my girls a break, but I just had to take this picture today.  My sweetie is the student of the month at her school.  I’m so tickled for her and she is so proud of herself.  They will present her with a certificate later this month.