30 Days of Gratitude Days 30

Today is the last day of my 30 days of gratitude post.  This was a pretty big commitment for me because I’m really busy and tired when I get home in the evenings, but I am really glad that I decided to make that commitment.  There were a couple of times where I combined days but I’m still pretty proud of this small accomplishment.

The 30 days of gratitude forced me to think about something everyday that I am grateful for.  Although I only posted one thing in each post, I could always come up with more.  This gave me an opportunity to reflect on how truly blessed I am.  I can always come up with things that are not right, that I don’t like, or how I want things to be different.  Taking a moment everyday to really focus on what I am thankful and grateful for makes everything else seem small.

Through this exercise I looked at my situation compared to others and realized how much I have to be grateful for.  I realize that no matter what my situation is, there is always someone who would love to be in my shoes.

I will end my 30 days of gratitude with a top 10 list:

  1. I am grateful that Jesus died for our sins
  2. I am grateful for my life health and strength (that’s what you always hear someone say it church but it is true)
  3. I am grateful for my good husband who is loving caring and very supportive of my dreams and goals.
  4. I am grateful for my children and their health.  I am grateful that I do not have any serious problems with my children. (I know this is two things but I’m trying to stick with 10)
  5. I am grateful for my parents and what they have done for me and how they raised me.
  6. I am grateful for my grandma. She keeps my youngest daughter everyday and picks my middle daughter from school every Friday.
  7. I am grateful for my brother and his love for me.
  8. I am grateful for my friends and the friendship they give.
  9. I am grateful for my job.
  10. I am grateful for my neighbors.

My new challenge to myself is to take a moment at the end of everyday to think of one thing that I am grateful and thankful for and write it down in a gratitude journal.  No matter how bad the day may have been there is always something to be grateful for.

For this post I chose a picture of my girls that I took this past Sunday.  I was excited about how well it turned out because it was my first time using off camera flash.  I got the card template from Ashe Design.

30 Days of Gratitude Day 27


And I am thankful that the Lord has blessed me to see another year. I had a really wonderful day today.  My husband and girls serenaded me with the happy birthday song, we went out to breakfast and then we decorated the house for Christmas.  I am truly blessed to have the family that I have.

30 Days of Gratitude Day 23

I’ve been pretty busy today.  I had my physical this morning and waited until today to do my shopping for our thanksgiving dinner.  So this will be a short post today and a very old photo.

I’m thankful that my physical went well today.  I’m also thankful that the crowds in the stores today were not too bad.  I’m especially thankful for family and friends to share special moments with.

This photo captures a very special moment for me.  It was my baby’s first birthday party.  When everyone started singing happy birthday to her she had this strange look on her face like she was saying “What are you guys doing?”  This was 3 years ago.  Time really flies when you’re having fun.

30 Days of Gratitude Day 20

I’m sitting here relaxing, drinking some gourmet white-hot chocolate with my girls and watching  a little movie that their grandmother purchased for them at the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte today.  We had a really great time.  There are so many things to see there. My girls were anticipating  getting eating the mini doughnuts and a customized Christmas ornament.  I was looking forward to buying he extra thin Dewey ginger spice Moravian cookies (yummy) and getting ideas for Christmas decorations.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of going to the Southern Christmas show.  I look forward to it every year.  I don’t remember the first time I went, but I know it was when I was much younger without kids.  I try to make it a point to go every year. I really enjoyed my day and I’m when I can spend time doing things that I really enjoy.

30 Days of Gratitude Day 19

I really enjoy good times and hanging out with friends.  We went out to eat with some old friends today.  One of our friends has the funniest little man.  He really makes us laugh.  He said the longest prayer before we ate.   He’s like a 65-year-old man trapped in a 5-year-old body.

We enjoyed our time with them today and I’m grateful that we have good friends to share good times with.

30 Days of Gratitude Day 18

Today we had Thanks Giving lunch at my daughter’s school.  I really enjoyed lunch with her and seeing her teacher.  I also was able to chat a little with one of her future teachers.  He told me that my sweetie drew a picture of snoopy for him.  That is so her!!! She’s always drawing and making something for people.  She made a Happy Thanks Giving card for her tutor today.  She is such a sweetheart.

As I mentioned last week I am so blessed that her school is near my job and that I was able to have lunch with her and her friends today.  I also have to say that even if my job wasn’t close to her school, I’m blessed to work for a company that supports a healthy work/life balance.  I’m thankful to work for such a company.

Here is a picture of her and her best friend.  I pray that they will always be best friends.  They’ve been friends since they were babies.  I’ll have to find some old pictures of them together  for a now and then post later on.


30 Days of Gratitude Day 8

I love fall.  It is definitely my favorite season.  I am grateful to see fall ushered in year after year with a change in weather, the holiday’s that follow, and I love to see the vibrant colors of the fall leaves.



30 Days of Gratitude Days 1 2 &3

A member in one of the forums I belong to,(http://lovethatshot.com) thought it would be a good idea to do a 30 days of gratitude project.  It’s not just a project for me but it is also a challenge for me to actually have 30 days of posts in one month.  I’m already behind but I’m also determined to complete this project.

One of the things that I am very thankful for is my three girls.  I was planning to do a separate posts for each of them but since I’m 3 days behind I’ll get it all in today.

My three girls are very different to say the least.  I have a teenager, an almost pre-teen, and a toddler.  (Lord have mercy on me!!! lol)  I’m always going in three or more directions, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I love my girls, even when they get on my nerves.  My girls can bring out the extreme emotions in me, from maddest of mad to joy overflowing.  They make me laugh, especially the youngest.  You should see some of her dance moves.  I am so proud of them. I thank God for blessing me with them and I pray that they will be successful in life and that the Lord will keep his hands on them and guide them through everyday.

The angry teenager (she's always ready for the camera)
The tween (she is ssssoooo into the tween Disney programs)
The toddler (little miss entertainer)